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Nowhere else on the Queensland coast can you experience so much in one location. In Proserpine, you can cruise around in pristine crocodile country as well as tour through freshwater wetland habitat, melaleuca forest and a mangrove ecosystem.

Proserpine River Eco Tours is based in the Whitsundays and our

Whitsunday Crocodile Safari

is a unique nature experience, which offers you an exciting day trip into the realm of the saltwater crocodile.




The natural attractions of the Whitsunday region do not end at the reef and islands. Local estuaries and wetlands stretch inland from the coast, to Proserpine River.


This habitat is home to many species of native birds, mammals, reptiles and marine animals, including about 150 estuarine crocodiles.





Our unique and well appointed campsite is the base for all of your Safari activities. It is located in a natural setting, right on the bank of the Proserpine River, and is surrounded by melaleuca forest and mangrove habitat.


Undercover tables, seating, toilet facilities and refreshments are all available at the campsite.


Our campsite also has local historical significance. It was the site of Proserpine's river port facility over 100 years ago and was used to transport sugar, freight and passengers to and from waiting steamships and barges which traversed the Queensland coast.





Travel on our open-air tractor-drawn wagon-train through Goorganga wetlands and see the land as Captain Cook saw it.


The expert commentary delivered by our friendly staff during the tour will help you to understand more about our nature and our country.


Marvel at the many species of flora and fauna and experience unique Australian habitats including melaleuca forests, pastures, marine mangroves and saltpans which fringe the Proserpine River.





Learn about the history of Aussie damper and Billy-tea as our guides prepare them fresh for you onsite every day.


Once you know the secrets of the recipes and the tricks of the trade, you can see just how good they taste as you sample some traditional Australian "bush tucker".

Our guides also prepare your delicious BBQ and seafood lunch onsite while you relax in comfort at our covered and well equipped campsite.




We launch our vessel River Runner everyday and our guests are welcome to watch the action as we lower it by crane into Proserpine River.

Once onboard, your calm water adventure cruise begins. While seated in complete safety and comfort, you can investigate a marine mangrove ecosystem.


You also get the chance to see estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles, rated as one of the most dangerous crocodiles in the world. About 150 "Salties" inhabit Proserpine River and its surrounds.

Other wildlife is abundant in the mangroves and you will be fascinated by some of the characters you meet and their unique behaviours.


Our guides attempt to catch the famous Queensland mudcrab each day and provide guests with an entertaining insight into their features and fascinating lifecycle, before releasing the crabs back into Proserpine River.



The Whitsunday Crocodile Safari operates every day and is an ALL weather operation.

We carry a maximum of 31 passengers so your comfort and individual attention on the tour is assured.

The land we travel through is privately owned, and we are the only commercial tourism operator on the Proserpine River.

The sound of nature is our background music and sometimes you may feel like you are lost in the middle of the Australian bush.

We offer our guests a professional, well managed tour with expert commentary and a very unique wildlife experience because …

Our gives you some insight into experiences you can expect on your Crocodile Safari.





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